The Fanged Robot

The Fanged Robot is Robby Cosenza. Cosenza is known as a drummer first and foremost, touring the US, Europe and Canada going on nineteen years now. The Fanged Robot began as an outlet for material not suited to Cosenza’s previous projects, including The Scourge Of The Sea, Tarbox Ramblers and most recently These United States.

Cosenza describes The Fanged Robot as “Golden slop-pop rock n roll, I think.” Spanning over a decade, the band has played hundreds of live shows in basements, barns and bars as a rotating cast of some fifty local and regional artists, including members of The Beatings, Nine Pound Hammer, Sunday Valley, and Vandaveer, to name a few. The past year’s line up lives as a duo with drummer Jason Clarkston.

The Fanged Robot recently recorded its first full-length album with producer Duane Lundy, available mid-to-late 2012.

Audio Recording, Engineering, and Mixing by Duane Lundy at Shangri-la Studios
Videography by Mark Cornelison
Video Editing by Jennifer Miller


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