Chris Dennison

Raised singing gospel music, Chris Dennison has a powerful vocal range spanning many genres—and several octaves. His charismatic performances as the frontman of Chico Fellini earned awed comparisons to the chameleonic voices and operatic glam of David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. In “I Don’t Know Why I Love You,” Dennison’s melody and harmonies evoke a different school of 1970s legends, the sound of classic Motown R&B.

Chris Dennison (vocals), with

David Clark (saxophone)

Robby Cosenza (percussion)

Justin Craig (guitar)

Smith Donaldson (bass guitar)

David Farris (drums)

Duane Lundy (guitar)

Farhad Rezaei (keyboard)

Audio Production by Duane Lundy at Shangri-la Studios

Videography by Mark Cornelison

Video Editing and Additional Videography by Jennifer Miller