Matt Duncan

Both classically trained and inventively versatile, Matt Duncan has been an indie fan favorite in Lexington since 2006.  Matt played nearly every instrument for the infectious, multi-layered pop songs on his debut EP Beacon, and several of those tunes have recently graced network television show soundtracks (e.g., The Vampire Diaries, Private Practice, Bored to Death). For Ten in Twenty, Matt brought to Shangri-la Studios a pack of prominent local musicians who often share the stage and the road with him.


Matt Duncan (music, lyrics, piano, organ, guitar, percussion, and vocals), with

Evan Belt (trumpet)

John Buckman (drums, percussion)

Andrew English (guitar)

Ryan Moore (euphonium, trombone)

Trevor Tremaine (bass guitar)

Also check out Matt’s official website, Facebook, and Bandcamp pages, plus Hop Hop Records, the Lexington-based label that released Beacon.

Audio Recording, Engineering, and Mixing by Duane Lundy at Shangri-la Studios

Videography and Photography by Richie Wireman

Video Editing by Jennifer Miller


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