March Madness Marching Band

March Madness Marching Band (MMMB) bounds into 2019 with “We Will Survive”, a triumphant anthem for our new year. Led by Tripp Bratton, an accomplished percussionist, composer, and college instructor, MMMB’s track features guest vocalist Gail Wynters.

MMMB is an all-volunteer, community-building organization disguised as a marching band, bringing joyous performance to parades, charity events, and festivals around the region and beyond. MMMB includes professional artists, dedicated amateurs, and spirited children who captivate crowds through music and movement. In March, MMMB will make its sixth appearance in Austin, TX at the HONK!TX Festival of Community Street Bands.

Band leader Tripp Bratton brings to MMMB extensive experience as a performer, composer, producer, and educator. He currently serves on the music faculties of both Berea College and Centre College, while performing with multiple bands and cross-genre ensembles. His collaborations include C the Beat, Ethos Jazz Quartet, Catawampus Universe, Patrick McNeese Band, and Rakadu Gypsy Dance.

Bratton frequently performs with his mother Gail Wynters, a prolific jazz singer nominated for multiple Grammy awards. Wynters based her music career in New York for decades, touring internationally (including as the opening performer for Roy Orbison). Wynters has worked with a long list of celebrated musicians, such as Dr. John, Roger Kellaway, Clark Terry, Hank and Elvin Jones, Brecker Brothers, Tito Puente, Adam Makowicz, and Kentucky native Lionel Hampton. Lexington is fortunate to have Wynters again share her talent where she raised her sons.

Bring your instruments of love and come and join the band.
Forget the differences created by man.
United in the spirit, I just know we can
Create a new and wondrous, joyous, happy land!

Music and lyrics by Tripp Bratton, Arte Bratton, and Gail Wynters.

Musicians: Mindy Antonchak (tambourine), Robin Atwell (cowbell), Heather Auman (cymbals), Andrea Bledsoe (clarinet), Chelsey Boston (bass drum), Tripp Bratton (drums, percussion), Amanda Burns (tenor drum), Matthew Clarke (alto saxophone), Billy Coleman (bass drum), Lee Ann Coleman (trumpet), Roger Dalton (trumpet), Karen DiGirolamo (flute), Miller Gaunce (tenor saxophone), Sandy Gaunce (clarinet), Dan Godbey (flute), Deb Godfrey (piccolo), F. Miles Hanchett (bass guitar), David Henderson (trombone), Esther Hurlburt (flute), Rachel Jacobs (tenor saxophone), Beth Kraemer (clarinet), Kathryn Lybarger (bass drum), Jeni McDaniel (tambourine), Adrienne McKinney (horn), John Pope (trombone), Sarah Randall (clarinet), DeAnna Rigney (cymbals), Leif Erickson Rigney (trumpet), Jack Schmidt (bass drum), Sara Jo Schmidt (trumpet), Jessica Walker (tenor quad drums), Jeff Watts (glockenspiel), Fernie Williams (horn), Margueritte Williams (tenor saxophone), and Derek Wingfield (sousaphone).

Color Guard and Spirit Corps: MacKinnon Andrews, Sonya Blaydes, Carla Brown, Megan Derrick, Amy Byers Figgs, Jamie Groover, Murphy Houlihan, Laura Lacy, Kate Noye, Alyssa Rice, Melissa McCartt Smyth, Teresa Tomb, and Heather Wingfield.

Audio Production by Duane Lundy at Shangri-la Studios.

Videography by John Buckman. Additional videography by Jamie Groover, Nikki Leonard, Jennifer Miller, and Jessica Walker.

Video Editing by Jennifer Miller. Additional Video Editing by McKenna Dallas.