Johnny Conqueroo

The magnetic Lexington trio Johnny Conqueroo embodies superficial contradictions. Seemingly frenetic on-stage performance disguises disciplined musicianship. The easy label “garage band” belies a professionalism they’ve pursued since forming the rock band during high school–just a few years ago. Lead singer/guitarist Grant Curless grunts that he’s an Only Child, but he’s clearly forged a brotherhood with bandmates Wils Quinn and Shawn Reynolds.

Only Child follows the release of the band’s EP Haint Blue, a blend of blues and psychedelic rock. Johnny Conqueroo has become a staple at Kentucky music festivals, and the trio tours in an ever-wider radius from Lexington.



Grant Curless (music, lyrics, vocals, guitar)

Wils Quinn (music, drums)

Shawn Reynolds (music, bass guitar)

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Audio Production by Duane Lundy at Shangri-la Studios.

Videography by John Buckman. Additional videography by Jack Dunavant.

Video Editing by Jennifer Miller.